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In November 1988 a coalition of nine Yuba/Sutter concerned veterans put together this program for the following purposes:

(1) to contact and open communication channels with homeless veterans;

(2) to help homeless veterans take advantage of the many health, social and employment services for which they are eligible; and

(3) to assist homeless veterans in re-entering the job market.

Over the years the Board of Directors has changed, however, the program has gone on. Over the last 31 years the CVHVAP has met the challenge of providing the tools to hundreds of veterans in reaching their goal of getting off the streets and moving toward self-sufficiency. We understand that opportunity and responsibility go hand in hand and this is the message impressed upon the veterans we assist.
CVHVAP provides
a hand-up not
a hand-out
CVHVAP housing assistance is intended to be a one time service, after which the veteran receiving assistance is expected to be self-sufficient through employment income or from receipt of veteran or other government benefits.

Verifying future self-sufficiency is required prior to the veteran getting housing financial assistance from the CVHVAP.
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